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Don't ya just luv irony...

Sometimes the irony of life really does crack me up. After a recent post requesting that other Enneagram people resist from posting and typing celebrities or famous people I have just realised that I am the very culprit I want to address... LOL you gotta love it!!!


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Why do many of the Enneagram community insist on typing famous people and celebrities based on what we are lead to believe their personalities are in the public forum. It really does detract from the credibility of the Enneagram as an authentic personality profiling system while tending to pigeon hole people. It's appears to be getting worse with the Enneagram's rise in popularity. Get the message peeps; we are not a number!!!

By caterorising individuals into a set type/style it detracts from the very essence of this dynamic tool because as when we truely understood we are all styles/types on the positive the realisation of the dynamics come to play. As I often like to enforce, "We are not a number but it's more the number we do on ourselves." Meaning. we determine a place of existence instead of living our individual revelation due to our own restrictive thought and as a consequence belief systems. Choose to follow the positives of this awesome tool!!!




Many people spend a large part of their lives wishing, hoping, planning and dreaming that things were different. They often become accustomed to what they consider this as the norm. To be challenged can have them seeping into emotional depression and even a sense of helplessness.

Unfortunately people with this syndrome can begin to believe that this is how life has to be. Without heading down the track of some inspirational and motivational true story that these people would only believe is for the lucky in any case, I ask a question. Are you one of the people above? Be honest as there really is a part of this in all of us and only those who become proactive to rise above this can begin to see a positive change.

Nothing happens without action. Therefore it is so important that each of us understand that we have an innate source of greatness which can transform any individuals life. Set yourself ambitions that will allow your personal freedom allowing you to move forward in your own life. Desperate times usually create desperate actions so refuse to fall victim to circumstance and defy your own negativity to enhance your birth right greatness.

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