Diluting The Icebergs Course
A three day workshop based course for the individual to deal with and gain a comprehensive understanding of the originality (cause) of their blockages.
This course is facilitator lead in the physical and in a small group of 6-8 participants. Each participant is worked with individually in the client centred concept. There is also life skills education as take outs.

Area of life most benefited:
Relationship - Wellness - Financial - Mindset - Career - Social.

What you'll learn:
How to deal with and manage emotional and mindset blockages they bring to the table. Participants will have a total understanding of the casual effect and the impact it has had in reality on their lives. They also leave armed with a new emotional toolkit enabling the instigation of a superior Emotional Intelligence.

Victoria, Western Australia and Queensland.
TIME: 9:30 - 4:30 DAILY
PRICE: $2090 - $2500
What you'll learn
At the end of the course the participants will have dealt with all emotional and mindset blockages they bring to the table. Participants will have a total understanding of the causal effect and the impact it has had in reality on their lives. They also leave armed with a new emotional toolkit enabling the instigation of a superior Emotional Intelligence.
The Curriculum
The course is structured around the Enneagram of personality study, psychology (humanistic), sociology and metaphysical sciences.
Day 1
Individually facilitated
The first half of day one is structured around written workbook exercises that are individually facilitated. The second half sees participants describing their lives in full to date.
    Day 2
    Clear negative mindset
    Participants are guided individually through the emotional blockages and negative mindsets that can be the causal effect behind their negative behaviors and outlook on life. During the day there are also Emotional Intelligence exercises taught to take away.
      Day 3
      Personality traits
      On revision of day two the participants are guided through the Enneagram of personality to enable them to implement it in their future lives.

      Meet your Instructors
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      David Sherry
      MFA Founder and Instructor
      Peak performance coach, author, speaker, and educator for over two decades and accredited international teacher of the Enneagram.

      Vicki Baccini
      VP MFA & WA Team Lead Facilitator
      Anxiety and fear specialist and fully accredited international teacher of the Enneagram.
      Gershom McClure
      Victoria Facilitator
      Gershom (Shom) has been part of the Victorian team since 2014 and is the coordinator for MFA in Victoria. Dietary and wellbeing are Shom's personal North Start.
      Lyn Lumsden
      QLD Team Lead Facilitator
      As an accredited international teacher of the Enneagram, Lyn co-facilitates the QLD group sessions.
      Enroll in
      Diluting the Icebergs Course
      Western Australia, Victoria & Queensland
      Diluting The Icebergs
      12 Month interest free finance available to approved clients
      Does anyone ever fail?
      There is no pass or fail as it is an individual experience .
      What if I give the wrong answer?
      There is no wrong or right answers, there are only your answers.
      Is it confronting?
      It can be confronting for some as they are required to challenge their old ways and beliefs that aren't working for them as individuals .
      Is it religious?
      An individual's religion, political beliefs, race or ethnic background, sexual orientation or gender are never questioned as the course is totally client centred.
      Is there support afterwards?
      Yes, a team member will check in with the participant afterwards and all members are available for ongoing assistance if required .
      Is it a hyped up rah, rah course?
      Most definitely not. Participants leave with a clear direction of what they want from life while leaving behind their damaging past .
      What our clients say ❤️
      Danika Adams
      Career Mum
      "It's been a year since my 3 day workshop far out things have truly done a 180, from a girl who had given up had 0 self-confidence, felt weak and broken to a woman who knows she can conquer the world, from walking down the streets with my head facing down ashamed to face it all to a bright happy person singing and dancing and smiling at every person she greets, from a mum who couldn't get out of bed to a mother that springs out of bed ready to spend a joyous day with her son by her side, from doing drugs to helping inspire people to get of the drugs. I'm so grateful for all that I've learnt and all that I've accomplished but the thing I'm most grateful for this is only the beginning Thanks David Sherry for helping make all this possible and thanks to the facilitators from my workshop ❤️
      Bessie Bryce
      "Doing Moving Forward Australia online workshop has taught me more about myself and shown me what I had to improve within myself. It has improved my relationship with my son and my partner dramatically. My partner has seen a massive change in me and says I have grown up since doing the workshop."
      Hayley Britton
      "I just want to thank you for what you have taught me. It hasn't been smooth sailing but change never is. I don't think I would be handling having the baby and business if I didn't have those sessions with you. I have learnt a lot about myself, business, and people. And managing people. The things that I've implemented have definitely shook the business up and we have become so much more professional which was my goal! What you have taught me about the induction manual, how to deal with difficult situations (rather than run or hide like I used to!) makes putting on new staff so much easier & getting them off on the right path from word go. Thank you.
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      Studio address
      Perth, Linear Avenue, tower 15A
      Classes are held in the conference room of the coworking LINEUP. There is a 10-storey building on Linear Avenue, 10 minutes along from the metro.
      How to get
      Walk for 10 minutes from the subway Linsky to the center of the city. The convenient check-in from the road ring car. Free Parking is available.