The only source of knowledge is experience.
- Albert Einstein.
Sometimes we benefit from not taking ourselves
too seriously and meditating.
But, is it possible to do both at the same time?

Feel like trying?
Get comfy
Get yourself into a nice comfortable place to sit
Set intention
Set the intention for your desired outcome
Prepare breath and quiet your mind
Take 8 deep breaths. 4 seconds in through the nose, 8 seconds out through the mouth
Play mediation
Play an audio track and meditate your ass off.
Once your track has finished you may find that you've been thinking or even overthinking. Feeling or even over feeling. Refreshed or a little tired. These are all great outcomes. Allowing your mind the time to do as it pleases, even if that may appear to be busier, by contrast,
we'd say that just proves you're a good thinker. Repeat as often as you'd like.

Meditations Under 10 Minutes
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Meditations Under 5 Minutes
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