We change our tools then our tools change us.
- Jeff Bezos
We've built or curated these free tools and resources to support your new path. We believe they'll make it even more enjoyable.
Our collection of mental, physical, spiritual, social, financial, vocational, and familial, (to the point), How-To guides.
How-To Guides
A curated list of real-life utility apps that we believe can help expedite any personal journey.
Our webinars are held in real-time. No BS replays passed off as 'live gigs.' If you missed or want to replay one, they're here.
Webinars - Replay
Easy, immersive, (and sometimes profound), micro lessons. Show up and press play.
Guided audio experiences
Here's a series of quick 'How To' checklists for when a rapidly renewed perspective appears the way to go.
A compilation of free self-published and vetted personal development eBooks that focus on popular themes and topics.
Our Playbooks communicate and share best practices that have been home runs for us over the years. If you like them, adapt them. They're as good as yours.
Because sometimes in life, you'll need to answer a complex problem much quicker than pulling out the abacus.
A curated list or 'Must Reads'. These are the most profound personal development books published to this day.
Our Videos are curated or produced in-house. Micro/macro lessons, stories, or just straight-up entertaining.